CLIENTUttam Singh Gulati

SERVICESBuilding Architecture and Interiors

LOCATIONLonavala, India

SIZE7,000 sqft


This bungalow (B+G+2) designed for the famous music composer and singer Shri Uttam Singh Gulati was a pleasure to work on. The contoured site is located in the scenic valley of Lonavala. We exploited the natural levels of the site to design an open structure with maximum access to the surrounding landscape, natural light & ventilation. Instead of going for the traditional gabled sloping roof structure, we proposed a stunningly sharp, multifaceted home for our client. It stands out in its picturesque setting.

The property has a small stream flowing in front of the plot. To exploit this beautiful setting the bungalow was designed with a lot of open terraces & overlooking spaces. Beautiful landscape design adds to the charm of this unique modern bungalow. Very close to the heart, the Singh family are amazing human beings. It was a pleasure being associated with them.